Tuesday, March 8, 2011

O took a hammer and made a rather large hole in the living room wall

I decided I needed to learn more about dry wall

Miri told me her boyfriend was really 18 and not 17

I decided that since she was honest that should count for something

A.J. told me today that she had a secret and that her best friend had asthma but said she could tell me

I was flattered that I was seen as a confidant by both girls

My husband worked 32 out of the last 36 hours, but he still took me to dinner tonight

I made up my mind not to complain about being tired for a while

O never ever sits still

I thought about how often I am lazy

Miri stayed up late this week to make me beignets and destroyed the kitchen

I thought about how lucky I was to have a daughter who would cook for me

I was told to be afraid of O and not give my heart so easily

I decided only cowards let fear keep them from loving with reckless abandon

A.J. told me that she is going to pray for God to change things

I was ashamed that an 8 year old had more faith than I did

O's principal told me that honestly she could not tell me if O was being bad because in her eyes he did no wrong

I had confirmation that my son was more loved than even I could see

A.J. makes sure O eats his veggies and put a clothes pin on his nose when he takes his breathing treatments

I am amazed that I have such a caring daughter to make sure her brother takes his medicine right

Miri only asks for something after she has given something in return, for instance a trip to the mall is worth doing chores

I raised a daughter that knows that nothing is free in life

My husband works 2 jobs and 6 days a week

I know that he hates to see me go without anything I want or need

I have a son that hates sitting anywhere unless he is in my lap

I make him feel safe and secure; noting is more flattering than that

I have a family that demands above and beyond from me

They must trust me an awfully lot to expect so much

I have friends that have given more support and love than any family member ever did

I now know that blood means nothing

I lost my temper and yelled at O the other day for being wild,then his lip puckered and he cried, but he forgave me

I know I can't hold grudges anymore

America and Estonia trusted me enough to raise a little boy more precious than any jewel

I must be stronger than I think

I have 4 children

I am richer than Bill Gates

Andy wanted to take me to lunch the other day

Even at 21 he still likes me, and that is so cool

Every day I get the chance to start all over and do a better job

God loves me enough that he never gives up on me


  1. LOVE your positive outlook Shea!

  2. Beautiful post Shea! I'm in tears.....

  3. You forgot to mention what an amazing testiment you are of His love for others, even when they forget.