Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Favorite movies

I profess to not be a romantic. I don't necessarily believe in that type of love anymore. Oh I know that some people find it, but I think it is getting rarer in today's world. I used to do all those little special things, dinners, etc, but I grew up. That doesn't mean I don't believe in love though. It is real and absolutely wonderful when it works. However, my true nature is pretty evident in my choice of movies. I adore the ultimate chick flicks and romantic movies. They remind me that people really do fall in love, and if they don't end happy I DONT like them, and I never watch them again.....unless Brad Pitt is in them ;) I also love movies with fast cars lol.

1. Legends of the fall
2. Some kind of wonderful
3. Gone in 60 seconds
4. Bed of roses(who can't love Christian Slater?)
5. Bridges of Madison Country(my mom looked a little like Meryl Streep)
6. The joy luck club
7. Empire of the sun
8. XXX (with Vin Diesel)
9. Rent
10. Heart Burn

So there you go, those are most of my favorite movies. I guess I should really throw the rocky horror picture show in to be well rounded though.

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