Sunday, October 17, 2010

O's little mind is just opening up. He has now forgotten most of his Eesti :( I REALLY tried to help him keep it. I spoke as much of it as I could. He watched movies, videos, etc in Eesti, but it just wasn't meant to be. He still says kui, kuis, lapsi, must, and a few other words. Now he has decided he wants to learn spanish. He watches dora every day and practices saying the words. Maybe languages are his thing? He also does speech therapy 90 minutes a week, and it seems to be helping. He is much easier to understand. He now wears a size 6 shirt and 5 pants. His favorite two foods are tacos and lasagna. He regularly asks me to cook those for him. He still does not like American food. He will tolerate it, but never choose it. O takes turns wanting to be a doctor when he grows up or police man. He does karate 5-6 days a week with A.J. and he is starting to settle down there. The discipline is good for him. O is still a momma's boy all the way. He doesn't like to even be in the other room without me. As soon as he wakes up he comes to my room and stands right beside the bed. A lot of nights he asks if he can sleep with me. I say no, but he still asks. Cars and little action adventure people are his favorite toys to play with. He prefers to make up his own story lines. Sometimes he is one action figure and daddy is the other. His poor cars are always getting in wrecks. I will no longer buy anything not constructed of steel. Every toy gets smashed, crashed, or blown up. Oh, Oskar knows about God too. He loves him, but he doesn't understand why he has to be so far away and why we can't see him. Sometimes I wonder the same thing. O asks to go back to Estonia and visit. He doesn't want to live there, but he misses the kids and wants badly to play with them. He misses Raili too. Oh how he loves her. He is also starting to wonder about where he came from. I told him what adoption was and that he was not in my tummy when he was a baby. He then wanted to know if he was in daddy's tummy and then maybe Raili's. He also thought that A.J. was adopted too. He asked why he never saw her in Estonia and wanted to know where we got her from. Lot's of things are going through our sweet little boy's mind!

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  1. Oh, this update warms my heart. I often wonder about him and how he is doing. Would love to hear more about Raili as we are hoping to adopt siblings with a VERY close caregiver and we are concerned about the separation, transition and grief.