Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The looney bin

One day soon the men with white coats will be coming for me. These children are trying me at every turn. I went to school to eat with A.J. today. I do that about once a month or so. Apparently the boys are spinning their water bottles and when it lands on a girl they tell her they want to kiss her. Yesterday it was A.J. I informed the girls that no kissing happens until diamonds are provided, and not that fake crap either. Their eyes were big and you could tell they were listening. Then I told the little boy to get a job and start saving now. Miri got home and is in one of her baking moods, so the kitchen is destroyed. Boy she loves to cook, but man can she make a mess. Oskar thinks it's funny to burp. It's his new fav thing. It is driving me bonkers. Then there is Andy...... Let's just say I don't approve of his new girlfriend. I'm going to tell you what I said at dinner....minus the raised voice. "Andy I didn't want Miranda to date her, and I don't want you too either". Enuf said about that. I will be coloring my hair soon, I'm sure I'll be all grey by Friday.

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  1. I remember you had such a long journey to Oskar...but you sure were rewarded with that cute little guy of yours! I love the video!:)