Friday, October 15, 2010

I don't have a plan

Yep, you heard me. I don't have any idea how or if our family is going to grow. I'm still waiting for my husband to tell me he lost his mind. I asked each of the children what they thought would be the best fit for our family. Miri said a teen girl would not work. Of course her princess status would be unearthed. So she said she wants a 11 year old brother. Specific request huh? A.J. wants a sister pretty close to her age. She says color doesn't matter either. I love that kid. For the record she saw a little girl on the dhs website she likes. I have been watching that little girl for years... even before we found Oskar. So then I asked the Eesti prince. He wants a baby. It is not debatable. He told me babies sleep in little beds and tried to describe the things than spins and plays music (a mobile). He wants a baby sister and for her to share his room. Want to hear something neat? O is ROUGH and tumble, but all that ends when he sees a baby. He becomes very gentle and slow. He would be an amazing big brother. For the record, hubs has said girls are easier. however, he thinks a teen girl would be insane. What do I think would be nice? Who the heck knows. Seems like some compromising is in order huh?


  1. GO FOR IT!! It is the best feeling in the World!! Andy is all grow up so you need another "Little". Keep us posted!! ;-)

  2. Girls are EASIER?????!!!!! I haven't noticed that! But, TEEN girls have to be the WORST! Of course I have one at the moment - and two teen boys; even the "difficult" boy is so darned straightforward in comparison!

  3. I think what hubs means is that attaching for him is easier to a girl. Hubs was not raised with very much affection, so loving on a little boy has been something he has to....learn. Instead of hugging or kissing Oskar, he puts him in his lap for playing video games.