Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just life

Seriously, how can a little boy be so cute? O is absolutely amazing. He cuddles like no one else. He smells good, he gives the best kisses, he is smart, funny, and when scary movies come on he holds me and tells me, "it's okay, it's okay". We had to shave his hair because he got a hold of the scissors, and if you can believe it, he is even more handsome than before! How can a little boy be so gorgeous? Seriously, I should probably get him into modeling.

Miri is turning into quite the lady. She helps me more around the house. She is becoming more responsible, and every time I turn around I find her with O in her lap and telling him he is Miranda's boy. That girl loves her brother!

A.J. and O fight like cat and dog. Someone forgot to tell O that he is the little brother. He thinks it is his responsibility to tell A.J. what to do and look after her. He even tries to protect her too. As much as they fight, neither can stay away from the other. Even when he speaks in Eesti, she seems to understand him, and they go off together to play all the time. She got a barbie style head for Christmas. We caught him attempting to play with it, and when no one was looking he gave Barbie a great big kiss, so he already the lady's man lol.

Andy has been spending more time at home. O adores him, but tells him all the time he can't have his toys. Andy is 20, so I think O's toys are safe lol. Andy taught O how to watch sponge bob on you tube, so O thinks he is super cool now.

Things are so good with the kiddos. O starts pre school Monday. Pray for this momma on his first day of school. I may just cry!


  1. sounds like fun

    you cant post that without photo's, your teasing hahaha i want to see his cute head

  2. I'm happy things are going so well for you.

  3. Great update! Just getting caught up after a couple weeks away. Can't wait to see his new hair cut.

  4. You sound just like a "normal" family...just apreciating one another a bit more! I can't wait for you to post photos!!!