Saturday, April 30, 2011

Favorite city

New Orleans, Louisiana.....I originally decided to vacation there after the hurricane. I wanted to prove that it could be a family vacation place because we all know when someone tells me something not to do, I do it to spite them. I quickly fell in love, and so did my kids. We did a French Quarter walking tour, hurricane Katrina tour, swamp tour, the aquarium, a cooking class, children's museum, and we walked every where. In 5 days we used the car once. I took notes on everything and quizzed them on the way home because I pulled them out of school for the trip. BTW, if you vacation research a viator pass. That how we did so much. I was born to live in New Orleans, and Miranda and her best friend who went with us feel the same way. Both girls want to live in New Orleans when they grow up now. Next to Memphis, it is the one place I long to be. Cajun food is my favorite, the French Quarter feels likes home, and I don't ever feel afraid there. I'm a city girl, always will be, and New Orleans fits me to a tee. I even recently packed Raili in Estonia several types of Cajun food lol.

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