Friday, August 27, 2010


The littles are doing Karate. O spends a good amount of time getting in trouble, but he is doing better each time, and I am super proud of him. He is also enjoying kindergarten. I swear he gets cuter every day. A.J. is growing like a weed. She skipped right over size 7 clothes and now wear an 8! Her hair is growing out too, and she is so sweet. Well they both the littles are sweet when they are not trying to defeat the other one. O is eating as much as he can stuff in him so he can be bigger than A.J. He wears size 5's and has a way to go. He has barely gained any weight. He wants so badly to be older than her too. Miri is in high school. I am now officially crazy and mean because I do not want her to date until she turns 17. Oh well, she can get over it. She is causing quite the stir in her journalism class. She wants to write an article and have it published in the school paper against sexual harassment....against heteros and homosexuals. She has a new dear friend who is a boy and is getting picked on horribly for being different. Miri says no one should be judged whether it goes against her religion or not. She has promised if her friend continues to get picked on, she will fight the next football player who makes fun of him. I reminded her that she is a GIRL, but she assured me that she can take a boy. We shall see.... Andy is doing way better. He got some wonderful news that will set him free after 18 months. He feels like he can become more focused now on school, and maybe one day will graduate. Big poppa's and my 14th anniversary is coming up. WOW! That is a long time to put up with someone. I can not believe we managed to stay married after all these years. You could not tell me a few years ago that we would still be together lol. Anyway, we both took off to celebrate Monday that we aren't divorced yet. I have no illusions of romance and all that crap, but I have to say we have raised some amazing kiddos together, and if that isn't something to celebrate, I don't know what would be. We are very happy that our kids are doing so well, and together we really have achieved a lot. So that's my update on my little family. It sounds funny to me when people think that 4 kids it a lot. Our family feels small to me.

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