Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life is busy and blogging has taken a back seat. I did not get to do a lot of family things growing up, so it's always been my mission to make it happen for my babies. Family trips and things are important to me, and we have had a busy summer so far. We have taken 3 vacations, even though none have been quite a week. We went to St. Louis Mo twice and Hot Springs Ar. Between both trips we did lots of swimming, museums, 6 flags, a baseball game, a boat tour, too much eating, and my favorite: shopping lol. The kids had a blast but poor O has a hard time with the summer. We have also been to the zoo about 5 times so far, visited Graceland, and went to the movies a bunch. Two kids have gone to church camp and we have celebrated 4 birthdays in July(mine, Andy's, A.J., and Oskar. O and A.J. had a mini party and cake on their actual bday and then they shared a party on the weekend. That made four cakes in 4 days! I think it is safe to say they are completely spoiled, but they deserve it! Now it is time for things to settle down. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the mall shopping for new spiffy school clothes. O is definitely a man when it come to that stuff. He picks the first handful of things he sees and has picked his whole wardrobe in less than 5 minutes! The him and Daddy go sit on a bench outside the store and look as if they are being tortured!

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  1. I'd rather live than blog! Those pictures are great!!