Monday, December 7, 2009


Reading about other's issues in the countries they are adopting from has me thinking back to my time in Estonia. I have to say we were truly blessed. Everyone we encountered was kind and helpful. Our neighbor allowed us to buy internet from him. We had no issues shopping. Most people spoke English and those who did not were still helpful and kind. People did seem a little surprised that we were adopting a child, but our son was treated wonderfully by everyone we encountered. Even when he did not act his best, people did not look down on us or him. It was a whole new world for him, so there were many times he reached out to touch things and sometimes even threw a few tantrums when overstimulated. We felt safe the entire time. We took taxis and most of them charged us what they said they would. We also walked and took the bus a good deal of the time. We had no issues with any of it, nor has any family that I know of who adopted from Estonia. The only issue we had was that things were very expensive, but like any place, you learn where things are cheaper. We found a very affordable Hungarian rest. to eat at that was right down the street from our apt. The 20% sales tax on everything hurt the most, but we found that all the summer stuff was on clearance, so we were able to pic up a few little things that were affordable. We had a nice trip and Estonia is a really nice place to travel to. We hope to go back one day, hopefully when it's warmer.


  1. Estonia like China will always be in my heart ! These are the countries my blessings came from !

  2. We feel the same way, with both girls we felt safe and loved Estonia. We too are hoping to go back someday (when it is warmer, with both girls it was in Dec.).