Monday, November 23, 2009

Why adopt?

Thought I'd do a recap of some stuff for people who did not read my private blog.

Well there are so many reasons! The first one was because I wanted too, plain and simple. However, there are many reasons. I always knew from the time I was little I would adopt one day. My Gida(my grandmother) was adopted from an orphanage when she was age 4. So when I grew up, wait, have I grown up yet?!, I patiently waited for God to send his signs. One day on, I stumbled across a link to, and before I knew it, I was looking at pics of little boys. They were all perfect, but nothing really fell into place. I could not work the details out, and we decided to wait one more year. Then O's picture was posted. It was all uphill(sorry down hill would be a lie lol) from there on out. We had found our son, and I took on everything possible to bring him home. It took almost 18 months from start to finish! It was time well spent though. I think we all needed to grow up, and God worked hard preparing our home and heart for O. So that's it. That is the story of how our family came to be. I have no idea if our family is done. We may or may not adopt again. We may choose to have a bio child. Who knows. God decided what happens in this family. So we wait to see how our lives evolve!


  1. I used to read your other blog before you went private- so nice to see that you are a family now! Congrats!!

  2. Hello again. Yes, I remember you from before.