Monday, February 27, 2012

Nonni(aka A.J.)

For now she is my youngest daughter. I'm not sure anyone in the world could ever take A.J.'s place. She is quite possibly one of the coolest people I have ever met. To watch her little mind work is just amazing. She might also have every single one of my bad qualities. Boy, does her mouth get her into trouble. A.J. is super opinionated, and she doesn't understand injustice at all. P.S. her middle name is Justice ;) I've had to explain lot of things this year to her.
A.J. is in many ways innocent, until you see her dance that is. She looks like a professional hip hop dancer, no idea where she got it from. Still, A.J. doesn't understand a lot of things. Her father always said she lived in her own universe. A.J. has recently learned about racism. She has absolutely no idea why people would ever feel that way. When she asks me why I see nothing but confusion in her eyes. She doesn't know the n word(racial slur). She thought it stood for negro which she learned in black history month. Her best friends are both bi racial. A..J. loves God very much but is confused right now about his timing. She can't fathom why he doesn't do things when she wants them done. She rarely prays for herself too, mostly only for others.
A.J. is fun. She loves going to her school. She changed this year to the private school O goes too. I feel awful she did not do it sooner. I never knew how unhappy she was. She has many friends and is always laughing. I love being around her when she isn't too moody. Things with A.J. can change in a heartbeat. She has always been a very emotional little girl.
My youngest daughter is simply a gift to me. I could have a 10 more kids and no one could ever come close to what she gives to me. Sometimes she still brings her 9 year old self to cuddle with me in my bed. I love it when that happens. Pretty soon she will be too big.

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