Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Favorite Memory

Ah...so many to choose from....

Has to be when I was baptized. I fought so hard to find God's acceptance with me. Finally I took the plunge and realized that I just had to accept him, and all the rest would fall into place. It was a surreal moment and everything changed. It was the one moment in time when I was sin free. I felt light, happy, and free. I haven't ever felt that way since, and I know until I meet Jesus I won't ever feel that way again. Still, it was worth it, bittersweet, but ever so worth it. I did not do it to join a church, it wasn't an outward sign of my faith to show the world or my community. I did it for me, and I did it for God. I've fought hard to retain my baptism since. Several churches we have wanted us to join have refused membership unless I be re baptized because Church of Christ has no written proof of my baptism or membership for that matter. That cuts deep to know that a church can say my first baptism was not good enough for them, so I have never joined a church, and most likely never will. My baptism was the most important day or my life, and no one will ever say it was not god enough, not ever.

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