Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Okay, so sometimes I kind of get frustrated. I just want my kids to be appreciative, which most of the time they really are. I gave O a supplement shake which he loves. We had been out for several weeks. He got so excited and asked me why did I do that, why did I buy them for him. Every day with him is a gift. Miri is a teenager and convinced I know nothing. BUT she does help me so much around the house. She also surprises me sometimes and just does little things to make my life easier. She makes the little's lunch every day. A.J., well no one is like drama momma. 90% of any issues with her related back to her ocd. She gets so focused on 1 thing of her choosing that she rarely can think of anything else. An example: if you tell A.J. you are going on vacation, she is packed a month in advance. So any time we do anything special, even like riding bikes, we have to tell her right before. We have had friends who asked A.J. a few days before we were due to go on a trip was she looking forward to vacation. A.J. will look at me and ask if we are going somewhere because we still haven't told her yet lol. Andy is grown or so he thinks. Bubba is 21 now and has just figured out that being on his won is not much fun. No problem though, I will always have his back. Hubs is....well, there is no one quite like him. I'll just leave it at that :)

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  1. It sounds great. Nothing is as good as, or can replace a loving family. I am so glad you have worked so hard to create one. I do like AJ's description though - have you read: Manny goes on Vacation - oddly sounds a bit like your family (only you can't afford a male nanny and probably would go crazy in an RV - we are all reading it and remembering family vacations).

    I think part of the aspect of being a child is the unawareness of it all, that you do more than the average human can dream of doing. Which is why, when they have to take care of kids, or have kids of their own, they will say, "How did you do it?"