Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The rest of the bunch

So here is a quick re cap of the on goings in the Drummond house.

Andy: Poor bubba has broken up with his girlfriend. I am still hoping that he focuses more on school and less with the ladies. Don't know if that is going to happen though. School is going well for him though, and he works full time as a manager at a restaurant.

Miri: As always the princess of the house pushes herself to be the best. Her grades had slipped the last year. I told her it was fine because she was taking difficult classes. B's are fine if that is the best she can do. She did not like that so she is now trying to make all A's lol. That's my girl. She is also about to start back at soccer.

A.J. : Ms. priss has decided to boycott homework, and being the bad mom I am, I decided to let her face the consequences and not push her. 14 responsibility marks later, she has decided she needs to try harder and is reading again. Does anyone see a pattern here? My kids generally have to decide to do the right thing by themselves. She is finally is size 7 clothes and loves playing with our new puppy, a yorkie poo named Carly.

Oskar : Little man has developed a love for strawberry ice cream and will even let me lick his cone. He hates pizza, loves mexican, and begs me to roll the windows down in the car and drive fast. He also thinks that summer is here since it got up to 65 degrees the other day. He has also requested we buy a faster car and I purchase him his own cell phone. In the last two weeks he has thrown away all the toothpaste, and I am trying to get to the bottom of that. Mt suspicion is that to him, brushing teeth at night means magamaw(bedtime) and he thinks if he doesn't brush his teeth, he won't have to go to bed. Also, he has become quite the lady's man. He can turn on the charm something fierce, and I know I have trouble coming. He is a looker too, so will watch out and have the baseball bat ready.


  1. Throwing out the toothpaste? That's too funny!:)

  2. So cute! Maybe try a kids flavored toothpaste (but I imagine you've already done that...) Yes, he is indeed a very handsome kid.

  3. Funny thing is that is was the kid toothpaste he threw away lol! He came in the other day and used my crest and loved it. So maybe he just doesn't like the kid stuff. Thanks for saying he is handsome. Wait till you the pics we just took. When they came back I will scan them. He looks adorable.