Monday, February 22, 2010

57 things about me

I borrowed this from Christine's blog. Her answers are in the link above.

1. Shea was from a lawyer friend who got my hell raising hippie dad out of trouble.

2. My mother was as wild as they came. She dated bikers, drank, smoked(not just cigarettes either lol). Most of that was before I was born, most of it.

3. My mother wanted me to be different than her. She sent me to a strict Pentecostal school as a child. I did not get to wear pants until I was 9 and went to public school.

4. I have no contact with any of my bio family other than my brother whom I raised.

5. I only knew my bio grandmother. My paternal grandparents passed away before I was born and my maternal grandfather left when my mom was 2 and she never saw him again.

6. My grandmother was adopted from an orphanage in Memphis tn when she was 4. She never had any desire to find her bio family. She adored her adoptive father.

7. Alcohol has little effect on me, so I choose to rarely drink.

8. I learned to swim when I was 12 by jumping in the deep end of a pool and hoping for the best.

9. When I was 5 my mom bought me a real ruby ring. I lost it by pretending to get married to a neighborhood boy. She offered all the kids $50 if they found it, but no one did :(

10. I am a Christian

11. I was baptized when I was 18.

12. I adore buttered popcorn salt taffy, but I can't find it anymore.

13. I love the beach and mountains.

14. I'm always cold.

15. Pink Floyd is my favorite band.

16. I never have any money in my wallet.

17. I want to write a book.

18. I believe that my children will change the world and make it a better place.

19. My kids stick up for anyone getting picked on.

20. I've been with my husband since I was 16, and that's a long time, really long time.

21. I would have been a better single person. I'm hard to live with.

22. Everything is black and white to me. Right is right, and wrong is wrong.

23. I seriously considered giving my first daughter up for adoption and had a family picked out for her. I was 16 when I got pregnant with her.

24. I think about that family a lot and hope they were able to be parents.

25. I was so scared I would not be good enough for my daughter. I wanted her to have the best. She is the best daughter anyone could want.

26. She thinks I am too hard on her.

27. I am, but I promised God when she was born that I would raise her to love him and obey him.

28. My daughter still doesn't know her own worth. Sometimes I dream of her being able to see the beauty in her like I do. She is such a good person and so much stronger than me.

29. I was scared something would go wrong during my whole preg. with A.J. I just did not think I could be lucky enough to have two healthy daughters.

30. I want to go to Italy. That is the only place in Europe I ever wanted to go.

31. I love anything covered in gravy.

32. I need a red corvette. Every time I get close to affording one, I have another child.

33. If A.J. was a boy she would have been named corvin lol.

34. I am really good at rummy.

35. I wanted to be in the peace corp when I was younger.

36. I'm not sure I am going to let my kids date. I see nothing wrong with them waiting until they are 18.

37. I like to cook with my kids.

37. I have talks with the kids about politics, taxes, and all sorts of things.

38. I can't live without my fax machine. I use it all the time.

39. I really like my job, and I think I am pretty decent at it too.

40. I never pay full price for anything.

41. I could eat pasta every day.

42. Soul food is my favorite type of food. Nothing beats fried yam patties and a corn bread pancake.

43. I don't pay attention to race very much though it seems the world does.

44. I hate reverse racism and affirmative action. I think they are the same thing.

45. I miss Memphis and how it smells on a summer night.

46. I think God is up there shaking his head at us. He gave us a rule book and we still mess it up.

47. I sang karaoke on Beale street many years ago. I was scared to death. I sang a r&b song by Kelly Price.

48. I want to move to Arizona or Florida.

49. I miss my husband every second that he is away from me. I wish he felt the same way.

50. I teach my kids that a person does not have to be married to be happy.

51. I would not be disappointed at all if my kids chose to be single.

52. They know I only have one request of them. If they marry, marry a Christian.

53. I refuse to use one of those straightening thingies on my hair. It's too much work and they look really weird. I got what God gave me. It's as straight as he wants it.

54. I sleep on my side and never facing anyone.

55. I take really hot baths.

56. I just recently started liking the color brown.

57. I make no apologies for what I believe. I am who I am. If someone doesn't like me, I could care less. I worked really hard to be this screwed up, and I like myself just fine. It took me 31 years to figure this out.


  1. Thanks, I enjoyed reading about you. You are amazing.

  2. Nice to know you Shea! We have some things in common! Here are a few--I want my kids to marry Christian, I am always cold, and I would eat a bowl of gravy!

  3. Here's your taffy:
    and here
    Sounds delicious!