Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new little one...

I think God laughs at me when I make plans. I never intended to have any more children after O. He gave me the magic number 4, and we were pretty content with that. Then we met his sister, and all that changed. 2 years we have been waiting for an update, and we still know nothing. God knows everything though, and a new little daughter is on the way. I am about 5 months pregnant with the baby we never thought we would have. We were d.o.n.e. We had tried for a while and it never happened, so we were resigned that it was not meant to be. That was NOT why we adopted though. As irony would have it, we had not tried for another bio when we started O's adoption. Regardless a little girl is on the way to shake things up in this house. O's is heartbroken he is not having a brother, but gets over it a little more every day. The other kiddos are excited, and me, well, I'm still in shock, blessed but in shock. She already has a name too, which of course has to be secret on the net until she graces us with her presence.